From our family to yours...
Whether you come in for pregnancy care or a gynaecology concern, we pride ourselves in the work we do, bringing our care and expertise to every consultation, every birth and every procedure.
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Our philosophy

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Key points
  • We can see you outside of regular business hours if you feel anxious or worried.
  • We understand your busy schedule and we seek to minimise waiting times for both consultations and surgery.

Especially in women’s health, you don’t want to feel that a consultation is rushed or that the doctor is not listening. When we created our private practice, we started from a set of values that people traditionally associate with the country – not with life in the city.

  • Time: A consultation will take as long as it has to take. We don’t like it when we feel rushed and neither should you.
  • Details: A member of our team is always at hand 24 hours, seven days of the week, for emergencies.
  • Partners: If your partner still has a question after you got home from a consultation, they are most welcome to pick up the phone and call us.
  • Respect: We know that your time is important. In case we are running late with another patient, we will try and call you and offer a solution.
  • Location: We don’t see you in a hospital environment for regular consultations. When you prepare to give birth, you are not sick. Mums come to our practice, maybe grab a coffee next door, meet our dog in the waiting room and only need to go to the hospital when necessary and deliver their baby. Many of our mothers are stepped down from the hospital to a 5-star luxury hotel in order to assist in their transition to going home. We have hospital and midwifery staff based at the hotel to attend your needs. Hospital locations are often more convenient for doctors, but not necessarily for our patients, especially now with pandemic restrictions.
  • Family: Yes, we are husband and wife running Melbourne Mothers and our kids are here often as well. Women and families who worked with us often say we wear our heart on our sleeve and well… we won’t deny that!

We strongly believe in this approach. You get all the clinical care you need, and equally important, you don’t feel like you’re going into a hospital all the time. You get to see us, feel comfortable and enjoy what we hope is a warm and welcoming experience.


Husband and wife running Melbourne Mothers

We run Melbourne Mothers as husband and wife. You will notice that our family is here for your family and that is what we strive to provide by bringing country values to the city.

We are proud of the expertise we bring: in advanced laparoscopic gynaecological surgery, in antenatal care, and in delivering babies. We both bring our specialist experience to every consultation and every situation: from academic work at international institutions, to advanced experience in renal, obstetric and internal medicine.

“My father was a committed GP and that is where I learned about what difference we can make when you need our care and support.”

As a team, we bring the best of our expertise and we strongly believe that the difference we make is to be available when you need us most. Many of the families who worked with us in the past will tell us that this is why they recommended us to a friend: we are a family ourselves, and we are here for your family. 

obgyn melbourne, Donna our practice dog
obgyn melbourne, Donna our practice dog

Family practice dog

Meet our dog Donna

Melbourne Mothers is a proud supporter of guide dogs Victoria, so much that one of their puppies opted for a career change! Instead of being a guide dog, Donna has chosen to come to Melbourne Mothers as our practice dog.

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Ob gyn Melbourne family

Our family

You may meet our three daughters at the practice. One of the stories our patients love sharing is how our middle daughter was born in the car. Normally obstetricians do not deliver their own babies. In this case, it turned out to be the only option and she was born in the car, on our way to the hospital.

Situations can change – plans may need to be tweaked when the moment comes. Still, we believe that your preferred birthing method and your birth plan deserve our full respect. If it includes exploring options that really matter for you in the birthing suite, we will work towards the best possible birth experience for you and your family.