Connected maternity care

Improving our level of care with foetal heart rate monitoring from home

Connected Maternity Care allows you to record and track your baby’s heart rate from the convenience of your own home. Express your interest for more information.

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Remote foetal heart rate monitoring

What is remote foetal heart rate monitoring?

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Key points
  • Monitor your baby’s heart rate at home 
  • Complete tasks in the connected app and automatically transfer your data to your obstetrician
  • Measure other important values such as blood pressure, weight gain, glucose levels and sleep
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When choosing Melbourne Mothers as your obstetric care provider, you will be able to monitor your baby’s heartbeat at home. You will receive a tiny device called HeraBEAT, which uses professional ultrasound doppler technology. This is the same technology that midwives and obstetricians use during your antenatal visits.
“Throughout my career, I have been focused on finding the best technology to improve maternity care. The in-home foetal heart rate smart device, the HeraBEAT, supported by the comprehensive HeraCARE app enables us to improve the level of care and convenience for all our expecting mums here at Melbourne Mothers.”
Melbourne Mothers is the first private clinic in Victoria offering this service with deliveries across Melbourne’s private hospital networks.

HeraBEAT explained

How does it work?

When you sign up for Connected Maternity Care here at Melbourne Mothers, you will be given a small monitoring device.
Vinay Rane - Melbourne Mothers
Vinay Rane - Melbourne Mothers

“It’s easy to use and TGA-approved and it connects with an app that will prompt you to complete certain tasks that are part of your personalised care plan. Melbourne Mothers have access to this real-time data via the Care Team Dashboard. This extra level of service is an addition to the traditional level of care.”

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Does Connected Maternity Care replace my antenatal appointments?

No – your antenatal care appointments remain scheduled. Yet, it’s a handy tool for busy moms or career women who sometimes can’t make it to an antenatal appointment. Traditionally, when an obstetric appointment is skipped, you miss out on important milestones, such as measuring your baby’s heartbeat. With Connected Maternity Care, vital data are recorded and tracked on a regular basis, allowing your care providers to proactively monitor your pregnancy and make adjustments to your care plan if necessary.

What are the benefits of Connected Maternity Care?

  1. Smart detection (Foetal heart rate vs Maternal heart rate)
    HeraBEAT is a hand-held device that is able to accurately detect and distinguish the maternal from the foetal heartbeat.
  2. Guided search
    The connected app gives you easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance with live feedback to find your baby’s heartbeat.
  3. From the comfort of your own home
    If for whatever reason you are worried about your baby’s well-being, being able to monitor the foetal heartbeat reduces stress levels during your pregnancy.
  4. Premium care for mums living in rural areas
    Having access to Connected Maternity Care allows mums living in rural parts of Victoria to have access to premium care in the city without the hassle of constant travel.
  5. Reliable and shareable data
    The data is accurate and can be easily shared with your obstetrician and care team.
Connected maternity care
Connected maternity care

Capture health measurements from home

And there is more

No two pregnancies are the same. Based on your individual needs, your Connected Maternity Care kit may comprise extra smart devices such as

  • Blood pressure device
  • Scales
  • Glucometer
  • Activity and sleep tracker

We will add one, some or all of these devices to your Connected Maternity Care kit, when we feel the need to proactively monitor your blood pressure, weight gain, glucose levels and sleep.

Another beautiful feature of Connected Maternity Care is the educational content provided in the app. Mayo Clinic has collaborated with the app to offer an extensive library of digestible pregnancy education.

“The traditional model of maternity care hasn’t evolved all that much in the last century but remote monitoring and Telehealth are game-changers for both pregnant women and obstetricians. Women have completely different lives compared to 100, or even 20 years ago, and these digital tools allow us to accommodate these different lifestyles without compromising the clinical decision-making process.”

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Expression of interest

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