Geriatric pregnancy

Pregnancy care for older women, career women & athletes
At Melbourne Mothers, we have particular expertise in providing pregnancy care for older mums, professionals and athletes.
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Maternal age and careers

It’s not one-size-fits-all

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Key points
  • Pregnancy care is about your unique life and your pregnancy
  • We adapt your care to your life schedule and occupation

Through the years, numerous mothers who have decided to start a family later in life, have found their way to Melbourne Mothers. We believe that pregnancy care is not only about offering the best medical expertise on the journey. It is also a human experience, understanding your busy life if you have decided to build a career first and have children later in life.

If you made the choice to start building a family after you built your career, or circumstances led you to fall pregnant after the age of 35, chances are that your professional life is still a reality once you fall pregnant.

“We understand your busy schedule, we understand that you are possibly juggling multiple roles, and we are here to support you on that journey.”

At Melbourne Mothers, we have experience working with expecting mums in executive or managerial roles, and we adapt your antenatal care package to the realities of your life.

We have a particular expertise in helping athletes before and during their pregnancy.

When we work with female athletes, we discuss the interaction between their fertility cycle, pregnancy and their level of exercise and diet and we provide customised antenatal care to match their physical activities as an athlete

Geriatric pregnancy Melbourne Mothers

Women +35yo and pregnancy

Research shows that after 35, falling pregnant may take longer and that there may be a higher risk level. While it is a reality that women stop falling pregnant with menopause around the age of 50, it is different for every woman. That is why we look at your individual situation when we talk about your pregnancy or your intention to fall pregnant. 

“We inform you about the stats and the generally accepted scientific evidence on the topic of pregnancy after the age of 35. We have a conversation about your health history, your lifestyle, your circumstances and your unique pregnancy. We are here to pick up any signs of possible complications and to keep you as confident and calm as possible.”

Having worked with many mothers over 35, we build on that experience. Not just to use the information from our tests and consultations and take action when necessary. Also to be there for you when you need that extra bit of clarification and support.

We all frown at the term ‘geriatric pregnancy’ and if you are over 35, chances are that you will hear it sooner or later. We believe that the term ‘geriatric’ is definitely not the right starting point for a conversation about having a baby at 35 or older. Here’s another way to look at it: with the Australian average age of having a baby sitting at 29, you are not that much older than the average.

geriatric pregnancy Melbourne
geriatric pregnancy Melbourne

Career and pregnancy

Women in busy careers and pregnancy

The fact that you are expecting a baby may not change the reality of your life. If you are a woman with a busy career, you may need that extra level of flexibility when you choose the best obstetrician in Melbourne for you.

We understand what it means to have a full calendar. And we will do everything we can to free up a spot in ours, when you need it most.

“At Melbourne Mothers, we run our antenatal care with high levels of flexibility, bearing in mind that being there for you is more than an easy statement. Executives and professionals who needed that personalised approach to plan their antenatal care appointments and scans, have told us they felt understood and supported, throughout the journey.”

So whether it’s lunchtimes, after-hours appointments or early morning sessions that work better for you, let’s discuss your ideal timeframe to make this work. 

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Sport women and pregnancy

Female athletes and pregnancy

At Melbourne Mothers, one of our particular interests is helping female athletes with pregnancy care. There is a strong interaction between your menstrual cycle, your physical activity, and the changes in your body as you prepare to fall pregnant or start your pregnancy journey.
“At Melbourne Mothers, we work with athletes to implement specific support and education about female performance in the context of pregnancy. We are here to help you understand how to make the best choices in your unique situation as an athlete, and of course, in the interest of your personal health and your baby’s well being.”
It goes without saying that your choice to have a child, will impact you more as a female athlete, compared to the lives of male athletes. We know that physical activity is important as a pregnant woman and that it is important to work out the right variety of activities for each stage of your pregnancy.
“We are here to help you navigate these very special months and if that means also having a chat about how your pregnancy impacts your position as an athlete, that is fine. We know that women’s health in sports has not always been discussed in the open and we can assist you with reliable information.”
That includes understanding the effect of your menstrual cycle on performance, and vice versa, the impact of sports on your cycle and fertility. At Melbourne Mothers, we believe that both your cycle and your intention to fall pregnant, deserve full transparency and attention so you can keep a good sports-work-life balance on your journey to motherhood.

Labiaplasty for better function

As an athlete or someone who engages in intense physical exercise, large labia may cause discomfort. Either because of the motion involved in the sports you practice, or simply when you are wearing tight clothing. This is why we can discuss a gynaecological procedure to reduce the size of your labia. At Melbourne Mothers, you can count on the expertise of Dr Vinay Rane, who is one of the few gynaecological surgeons in the country to focus on labiaplasty for better athletic performance. 

“Your labia may have undergone trauma at childbirth, and can now interfere with your ability to perform in sports. A labiaplasty (often used purely for aesthetic reasons) reduces the size and equalises the shape for better function in your daily activities.”

Because it has been a controversial procedure for some, researchers have collected data on the improvements that were noted in a group of women, and the conclusions of that research are available here.

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