Our Approach

Patient focussed health care

At Melbourne Mothers, our patients represent the centre of our universe. Every element of our practice seeks to put our patients first. To achieve this, aside from ensuring world’s best practices in high quality and safe care, we have taken steps to make our service provision as convenient as possible for our women. We offer a very flexible appointment schedule.

Wherever possible, we have a “zero wait policy”, – our expectation is that our staff will be able to see our patients as soon as they arrive. Our aim is that our waiting room is permanently empty. This philosophy also extends to wait times for surgery as well as the waiting period from the time we receive a patient’s referral. We aim to see referred patients within 24 hours. Moreover, we have worked hard to establish relationships with radiology and pathology groups to minimise patient waiting times.
Following a survey of 400 mothers, we were surprised that what most women wanted was not better food and more comfortable beds in hospital, but better access to their health provider. As a result, we don’t use a paging service at Melbourne mothers, nor do we hand over after hours call to another practitioner. Our patients have direct 24 hour access to their treating physician and our patients are not shared between a group of doctors. Wherever possible, we advise our patients and staff of any scheduled physician leave 12 months in advance.

Home appointments

There are circumstances in which we would offer home visits. Melbourne Mothers is also proud to be a proponent for the use of safe tele-medical innovations to make the lives of our women easier.
We also utilise portable ultrasound technology to facilitate visits at your home or workplace if needed.

Patient led care – aim to give the patients what they want, in the manner they want without compromising safety.