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Choosing the best obstetrician for you
Choosing a private obstetrician who can help you prepare to deliver your baby, is an important process. So let’s go over some of the essential information that will help you make that key decision.
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Benefits private obstetrician

Advantages of private obstetric care

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Key points
  • Continuity of care: we work together from day one and our goal is to be there for you for every step of your journey.
  • Tailored care: we know that giving you personalised and individualised care simply leads to a better birth experience.

A lot has been said about private versus public and both systems have their merits in Australia. Mums who chose to go private will often share the same story: it’s a relationship of trust, and it means you work with the same obstetrician from your first antenatal visit until you are on your way home with your newborn, settling in your new life. And even beyond.

The trust, the quality of that relationship is the key advantage of choosing a private obstetrician. Particularly here at Melbourne Mothers, you will find that we try to take it to the next level and we give you the experience, our availability and our presence.

“It’s about offering that personal experience and clear information, when we plan your routine tests, deal with uncertainties, or check for any risks of complications. It’s also about just being there for you when you need your obstetrician. Listening. Respecting your views. Offering support.”

In Australia, people choose private maternity care because they get to choose their obstetrician. Your obstetrician is there for guidance and support, not just to offer medical expertise when it is needed. There are other reasons to choose a fully private antenatal journey: a single ensuited hospital room, access for your partner, extended maternity stay with more support, to name just a few. You will also have an experienced specialist obstetrician, who you know and trust, attend you and your family on that special day.

Personally, we believe that the entire experience of private obstetrics evolves around being there for you as a family, as you go through this fascinating journey with ups and downs, moments of bliss and moments of worry.

Private obstetricians and the future

The future of private obstetrics

Since 2020, private obstetricians in Melbourne and around Australia have been working with the Federal Department of Health, to promote private obstetrics. Why is this important? Because governments can help make private healthcare more affordable, and more mums in private antenatal care means that there is less pressure on the public system.

The big job ahead is to make the financial side of private obstetrics really clear for anyone who starts doing the maths. When you consider private health insurance policies, the choice between the public and private systems, or giving birth in a private or public hospital, you want clarity. It can be a very confusing space.

“There is work to be done in this area. Women and their partners find it difficult to navigate private health insurance when planning a family. Our patients are generally smart and can see the value proposition for this level of personalised care.”

When you are in that position, doubting what direction to take, come and see us at Melbourne Mothers. We will guide you through the funding arrangements, and go over the reasons that care in the private sector may be better for you. 

private obstetrician melbourne

Private obstetrician Melbourne Mothers

Which maternity service is best for you?

Frances Perry Hospital is co-located with the Royal Women’s Hospital. Frances Perry therefore has access to the wider resourcing networks of the public sector and especially neonatal care services. Frances Perry has both experienced staff and spacious birth suites as well as private single room accommodation. There is also a partnership with Grand Hyatt Hotel Melbourne for postnatal care.

St Vincent’s Private (Fitzroy) has been helping women deliver babies for 80 years. It goes without saying that you can count on experience and a long tradition. A special care nursery and a postnatal accommodation agreement with Park Hyatt Melbourne hotel are other attractive reasons why families choose this hospital.

Epworth, with its recently refurbished birthing suites and the latest technology, also offers a special care nursery and ICU, as well as a hotel partnership with The Park Hyatt. Epworth’s women’s services are located at its facilities at Freemasons Albert Street, Freemasons Victoria Parade and Richmond.

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Frances Perry obstetrician

Giving birth at Frances Perry Hospital

Why Frances Perry?
“From day one our commitment is to ensure the highest level of maternity care is always there for you and your baby. Co-located with The Royal Women’s Hospital we are uniquely placed to offer pregnancy and childbirth services of the highest standard, supported if needed with the wider resources of the hospital during your stay. Our experienced team of doctors, midwives, nursing staff and paediatricians, combined with state-of-the-art birthing suites and amenities, provide you with a safe, warm and nurturing environment to welcome your new baby into the world.”

Birth suite:
“Our birth suites are particularly spacious. Each room features a multi-functional bed, a large ensuite with bath, and therapeutic comfort tools such as birth balls, heat packs, electronic vaporisers, and even speakers so you can play your own music. There’s also the full complement of clinical monitoring equipment. Within the unit we have kitchenette facilities for your support team and waiting areas for your family.”

Maternity unit:
“All of our maternity rooms offer private accommodation with large windows providing natural light, an ensuite and custom built-in baby change and bathing facilities. Our breastfeeding room is staffed by midwives, nurses and lactation consultants, who are able to provide you with extra support. We also offer postnatal physiotherapy and baby settling sessions within the unit. The spacious courtyard ensures you can enjoy quiet time with your new baby or family and friends. Each evening a discharge session is held for those leaving the following day to help make a smooth transition back home.”

Special care nursery:
“You have the extra peace of mind of knowing that we are able to care for babies who are born from 32 weeks or have been in the NICU and are ready to transition to our spacious, well-equipped special care nursery. Within the unit there are cot-side recliners for a cuddle or rest time, parent quiet-time room, breast milk room and custom baby bathing facilities.”

Cooperation with hotel for extra postnatal care:
“Following your baby’s birth, you may be eligible for transfer to the Grand Hyatt Melbourne where you can room together in five-star luxury. The Parenting Program at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne is an extension of Frances Perry House and is fully supported, 24 hours a day, by our highly experienced midwifery and nursing team. Your partner and other children are welcome to stay with you at the Grand Hyatt.”

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St Vincent’s obstetrician

Giving birth at St Vincent’s Private - Fitzroy

Why St Vincent’s Private?
“From obstetricians and midwives to hospitality and cleaning staff, you’ll experience our commitment to care at every level – and at any hour. Our staff will make your time at hospital more enjoyable, they’re ready to help with anything you need and ready to listen when you need to talk.
Safe parents and newborns are a proud tradition of ours: we have been delivering happiness to families every day for 80 years. It’s a tradition backed by modern technology and expertise, including a Level 3 Adult Intensive Care Unit, a Special Care Nursery, as well as experienced obstetricians and midwives.”

Birth suite:
“The Birth Suite is a safe and supportive place for mums and their partner. Experienced midwives, in consultation with an obstetrician, provide one-on-one care during labour and birth. Our birthing suites contain the latest technology and equipment to aid you in your delivery. All birthing mums will be supported in the style of birth they wish to achieve.”

Maternity unit:
“Each of our private suites have modern and spacious facilities including an ensuite, the latest foetal monitoring technology, telephone and free wifi connection, television and kitchen facilities. We also offer an a-la-carte meal service.”

Special care nursery:
“Sometimes, babies need a little bit of extra care and attention. Our Nursery has advanced modern equipment to ensure we can care for your baby if they need some additional support. Rated a Level 5 Special Care Nursery, our very experienced neonatal paediatricians and nursing staff will provide your baby with outstanding care and attention. Because our Nursery is so well equipped, we regularly care for babies with complex care needs, babies born prematurely (from 32 weeks) and also multiple births.”

Cooperation with hotel for extra postnatal care:
“The Family Retreat at Melbourne’s luxurious Park Hyatt Hotel is an option for eligible families to complete their postnatal care, in consultation with their obstetrician and midwife. If you’re interested in the Family Retreat Program please speak to your midwife. In certain cases, St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne may also decide that maternity care would be better provided in the hospital. At times during high seasonal periods, the Family Retreat package may not be available due to high demand for rooms at the Park Hyatt.”

Classes and education:

Epworth obstetrician

Giving birth at Epworth Freemasons

Why Epworth?
“Purpose-built facilities, state of the art equipment and a highly trained team is behind our commitment to the world’s best practice in maternity care and is second to none. Our recently refurbished and spacious birth suites provide the latest in technology, blended discreetly into the décor of the room to create a safe, yet harmonious environment.”

Birth suite:
“Our modern birth suites provide the latest in technology, blended discreetly into the décor of the room to create a harmonious and safe environment. For that extra measure of safety, our birthing suites are located in close proximity of fully-equipped operating theatres.”

Maternity unit:
“Your private room is complete with ensuite, television, telephone and free wi-fi during your stay. Your partner or support person is more than welcome to stay with you in the hospital to provide support, bond with your baby and learn all about their new role. All of our maternity suites can cater for partners with double bed or sofa bed options available. Your baby will also stay with you in the comfort of your room unless they need to be admitted to our Special Care Nursery.”

Special care nursery:
“We have an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) within our Albert Street building. Newborns needing additional medical support are cared for in our Special Care Nursery. Our level 5 nursery is capable of caring from premature babies that are born from 32 weeks onward. Our specialist team is trained to provide the highest level of clinical and emotional support during your baby’s stay and often care for multiple births and babies who require complex care. We have CPAPs and high-flow oxygen available, if required.”

Cooperation with hotel for extra postnatal care:
“We are proud to partner with Park Hyatt Melbourne to offer our maternity families the opportunity to enjoy a fivestar transition from hospital to home. This experience is subject to availability, clearance from your doctor and private health insurance coverage.”

Classes and education:

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