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As a family working for families, we know all about going the extra mile. Our role at Melbourne Mothers is to give expecting mothers a positive birth experience and support girls and women with any women’s health issues.

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In the months that lead up to the birth of your baby, our total focus is to ensure your and your baby’s wellbeing.
Melbourne Mothers - Antenatal Care
Choosing the best obstetrician for your delivery
Choosing a private obstetrician who can help you prepare to deliver your baby, is an important process.
Melbourne Mothers - Delivery
What happens after you have given birth?
If you are preparing to give birth, Melbourne Mothers can help you plan your care for those important first weeks after you give birth.
Melbourne Mothers - Postnatal Care
Obstetric services we offer at Melbourne Mothers
Let’s go over some of the wide variety of obstetric services that we offer at our family practice.
Melbourne Mothers - Obstetric Services

Women's health at Melbourne Mothers

Heavy periods
In reality, very few women measure how much blood they lose during their period. If your periods are bothersome and are interfering with your enjoyment of life, there are some simple steps which we can take to rectify this.
Melbourne Mothers - Heavy Periods
Endometriosis treatment
Let’s go over the essential background information on endometriosis, so you know that you are not alone and that treatment and management plans are available.
Melbourne Mothers - Endometriosis
PCOS treatment
You may have PCOS but you may not be aware of it. It is a hormonal disorder and often the diagnosis of PCOS is first made only when a couple experiences problems with fertility. 
Melbourne Mothers - PCOS
Fertility investigation
One of the areas we can help you with is maximising your fertility as a couple, without having to rely on IVF as a first resort. 
Melbourne Mothers - Fertility
Laparoscopic gynaecological surgery
At Melbourne Mothers, you can count on our experience in advanced laparoscopic surgery.
Melbourne Mothers - Laparoscopic surgery
All gynaecology services
With our gynaecology services at Melbourne Mothers, we cover a wide range of symptoms, conditions and general women’s health topics.
Melbourne Mothers - Gynaecological services
Melbourne Mothers - Athletes & Career Women

Athletes & career women

“We work with athletes and career women to implement specific support and education about female performance in the context of pregnancy”
Melbourne Mothers - Older Women & Pregnancy

Older women & pregnancy

“We have experience working with older expecting mums, and we adapt your antenatal care package to the realities of your life”

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Our gamechanging approach to obstetrics and women's health

Our practice locations are in the community, outside the hospital. We can see you outside business hours if you feel anxious or worried. We understand your busy schedule and we minimise waiting times for both consultations and surgery.

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Dr Vinay and Dr Christine, their three daughters and dog, run a family oriented obstetric and gynaecology practice at multiple locations in and near Melbourne.